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your first love

I am pretty sure I have shared this story before, but just in case you don’t remember, or haven’t read it, Imma gonna tell it again! 😉 When I was a young mother, I took my 18-month-old daughter on a plane ride with me to visit my sister across the country. We were sitting in …

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A little about me

I realize that I have not taken the time to introduce myself here yet…. Probably should have started with that, but better late than never, right?! I always think it’s a bit awkward when introducing myself to be honest. Why? Because there is literally no way to sum up an entire lifetime in an appropriate-length …

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When Things Fall Apart

When Things Fall Apart I have been thinking a lot recently about the events and details surrounding my divorce.  Where along my path of marriage I misstepped which led me here to divorce. .. When I realized that my marriage might not be able to be saved or worth saving…. When I realized it was …

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This month is typically designated as the month to express gratitude and thanks for what we have, and sometimes for what we do not have! I am, by nature, a pretty positive person and it is usually “easy” for me to find and focus on the good in my world. So, to take the time …

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The Road Ahead

There is no certainty in life. Dealing with divorce is definitely proof of that.

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The Looking Glass

It is human nature for us to think and believe that everyone sees the world the same way that we do. The truth is that we all see the world and life through our very own unique perspective. Our perspective is colored and shaped by our own personal experiences in life, by the people we …

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Living Up…

Have you ever thought to yourself-“Who am I to do or be…..” fill in the blank?? I recently had this thought as I was having some alone time a few weeks ago and it kind of started me thinking about the different times in my life I have felt inadequate or insufficient to be doing …

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Being Child-Like

Children are my favorite group of people to spend time with. I love their energy. Their love. Their personalities. The little quips they share they don’t realize are profound and entertaining. I was thinking about what it is about children I love so much and came up with this list of 8 different characteristics they …

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When Desire Isn’t Enough….

What happens when you just don’t WANT to?

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