Strength and effort

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I have been thinking a lot about different kinds of strength…

There’s mental strength…

Emotional strength…

Physical strength…

Spiritual strength…

And I’m sure more than that.

We all have different levels of strength.

Some people are able to physically do more than others…

Some people have different capacities for the mental or emotional strains of life…

While yet others might feel greater spiritual strength and ability to connect with a Divine Power.

We all measure strength in our own way.

To some of us being able to physically perform is how we measure physical strength. And some people measure it by how their body feels at rest.

Some people measure mental strength by the complexity of their brain’s ability to solve problems. And some people measure it by their brain’s ability to focus.

Some people measure emotional strength by their ability to feel, while others measure it by their ability NOT to feel.

Some people measure spiritual strength by their connection to their Soul, while others measure it by their ability to connect to God or a Higher Power.

My point is that WE are our own gauge for what strength means to us.

Not one of these is right or wrong. Greater or less than another.

What is important is that you find and acknowledge YOUR own strength.

The other thing about strength is that it is constantly changing.

When we utilize or practice strength, our capacity to do more increases.

What was once difficult no longer becomes difficult and we have to increase our effort in order to increase our strength.

But if we do nothing, our strength will decrease. If there is never any effort exerted to build or maintain strength, we lose what we have worked to create.

No one can measure your strength for you.

No one can determine if you are exerting “enough” effort but yourself.

No one but you can determine whether or not you “Should” be increasing or decreasing your effort and therefore strength.

You are your own measuring stick.

There will always be someone stronger and someone weaker than you.

If you want to be stronger in any one of these areas-look to where you have been and where you want to go.

Not to where someone else currently is. Or where someone else has been.

No one is exactly the same as you. No one is going to have the exact same measure of growth, strength, or of effort as you.

Only you know if and when you are in the “right” level of growth.

Only you decide if you want to do more or less. If it is time to grow, time to maintain, or time to maybe let go a little.

But, whatever you do, make a decision with intention.

If you just sit back and allow life to go by, you will find that you may have missed precious opportunities that cannot be recovered.

Take some time to realize YOU are in the driver’s seat of your life.

No one is accountable for what you do or do not do but YOU.

There is something you were born to do.

You are capable of greatness.

Go find out what it is if you haven’t already and start putting in some effort to make it happen.


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