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This month is typically designated as the month to express gratitude and thanks for what we have, and sometimes for what we do not have!

I am, by nature, a pretty positive person and it is usually “easy” for me to find and focus on the good in my world.

So, to take the time to share that just because it is November seems a little silly to me…

But, I realized there is nowhere that I openly express my gratitude regularly, so I guess I am silly…

I find that there is always something to be grateful for…

There is always something to be ungrateful about…

There is always something to see the good in…

And always something to see the bad about.

This year is no different.

I am so grateful this year for the chance to start a new phase of my life.

I am going through a divorce, and while there is definitely a lot of negativity surrounding that, I have found that the excitement and empowerment of moving forward on my own are so much greater for me.

I have been very unhappy in my marriage for a very long time, but because I am typically looking for the good, I downplayed the struggles I was having.

I waited a very, very long time to speak up about my honest feelings about the marriage I had.

This year, I decided I was not going to do that anymore in my life.

I want to live authentic to myself.

I want to live sharing my truth.

I want to share the good, the bad, AND the ugly of my life.

No one is living a perfect life. NO ONE!

It is easy to look at others living what we think is our “Ideal” life and think that they are free of struggles and challenges, but that simply isn’t true.

We are ALL struggling in some way.

We are all at different places in this journey we call life.

Not one place along the way is better or worse than another.

Not one place is easier or harder than another.

We all struggle in some way.

We all excel in some way.

But none of us struggle and excel in exactly the same ways.

Many of us are struggling in silence.

Many people mask the pain they are enduring, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enduring it.

Many people share their pain and struggles openly. It doesn’t mean they are greater than those who struggle in silence.

Many people share very openly their successes.

Many people quietly celebrate theirs. This doesn’t mean these people have less to celebrate than those who are openly sharing theirs.

What if your struggles, your successes, and your journey are EXACTLY right?

What if you are living and experiencing just the way you are meant to?

What if everything you are experiencing is exactly perfect just for you?

What if everything in your life is meant to help you to be a light for others?

What if everything about your life is given to you so that you can lift someone else?

What if you lived looking for opportunities to find out if these questions were true?

Just a few thoughts as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week.

Hope you have a beautiful holiday finding all of the things you are looking for.


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