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I think sometimes, we get caught up in either waiting for the “right” situation or circumstance to happen, or we get caught up in the “it just didn’t work out” mentality.
But what if we just understood it is our own responsibility to create the life we truly desire?
What if we all decided that regardless of what happens around us–including what other people say and do–WE, ourselves, would take our life into our own hands?
What if we made our own decisions with the sole purpose of honoring the person we want to be?
What if you do not know who the person is that you want to be?
Dig deep.
Instead of telling yourself-“I don’t know.” start asking yourself “If I did know, what would I do?”
Write your answers down.
Take note of who you are giving your power to.
If it isn’t yourself, take some time to ask yourself why it isn’t.
There is power in choosing to be true to ourselves, but we often forget that we own that power.
Take some time to figure out who you want to be and why.
Then go to work creating that life for yourself.
No excuses.
No judging.
No blaming.
No shaming.
Just own it.
No one else is responsible for making it happen but you.
Katie Anne


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