The Power of Possibility

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Do you know what I love about the human brain?

It’s not its ability to learn.

It’s not its ability to reason.

It’s not its ability to protect us.

I love the brain’s power to problem solve.

When you think about it, the brain loves to find out how to figure things out.

You give it any scenario and it will go to work to find a solution.

It doesn’t even matter what the problem is!

Have a sprinkler broken? The brain is either looking for ways to avoid thinking about it or it is working to find a solution to fix it.

When you have a conflict with another human, the brain is immediately looking for ways to resolve it OR it is working to figure out a way to avoid that human for the rest of your life.

Isn’t that fascinating?!

What I really love about this brain skill though is that when you decide to commit to something–and you are serious about it–your brain will work to figure out how to make it happen.

I’m not talking about the New Year’s Resolutions you make every year and give up on after 2 weeks.

I’m talking about when you decide you have had enough of believing whatever lie you have told yourself that has been holding you back in life. The one that has been nagging in the back of your mind that you have just been ignoring.

The “secret” passion you have but have never pursued because you have told yourself some variation of the lie that you aren’t “enough”; you don’t have the resources or knowledge; no one will want to listen to what you have to say, purchase what you have to offer, or take you seriously, etc.

That kind of passion, when fully realized–when you finally stop pushing it away and accept that is what you ARE going to do–opens our minds up to possibility.

And when we start to believe that something is possible. INCREDIBLE things happen in our lives!

Our minds begin finding solutions to the “problems” and obstacles we once believed.

It starts looking for connections and opportunities.

This does not mean that the process is smooth or seamless.

It doesn’t mean that obstacles and challenges do not arise.

It simply means that our brain is more willing to work to overcome them when we decide we can.

When we choose to believe there is a way–our brain will find it.

You get to decide what or who or if anything or anyone will influence you.

You get to decide if you want to listen to the input of others.

You get to decide what evidence your brain provides you is helpful or not.

When you choose to take charge of your thoughts–you are truly unstoppable.

Not because life becomes easier–it will probably become more challenging in some ways–but because YOU are choosing to be in control of what you will and will not believe.

Now, go find out what YOU are possible of!

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