Being Enough

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I know it is pretty common for us to feel less than in life. We might find ourselves searching for ways to feel like we are enough.

Are we doing enough for our kids and family?

Are we enough at work? Did we give enough effort to that project?

Are we enough with our friends?

Maybe if we just did a little more, we would get that promotion; our friends would invite us out more often; our kids would be better, etc.

I would like to offer that these ideas have one small (or major) problem.

They give all the power of your emotions to someone else.

Waiting for someone to validate you will always lead to feeling insufficient. Because no one can ever validate you the way you want it.

They won’t say it in the right way.

They won’t validate you with the actions you want them to.

Because they cannot read your mind.

What if you started giving yourself the validation that you need and want instead of wanting others to do it?

What if you just started to believe that you are enough just the way you are? Today. As yourself.

What if you accepted that sometimes you are going to be at the top of your game and sometimes you are going to make mistakes and trip up?

And that it is all ok.

Today, take a minute to thank yourself for showing up.

For remembering to pick up a child.

For making dinner when you didn’t want to.

For waking up and getting out of bed.

Whether it is big or small-thank yourself like you would your best friend.

Because you, my friend, are enough just as you are.

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