Thoughts & Feelings

I used to believe that all of my thoughts and emotions were the cause of everything happening around me. I now understand that all of my feelings are the cause of the thoughts I have about everything happening around me. This is the most empowering thing I have ever learned because this means I AM IN CONTROL of all of my thoughts and feelings!

It took me a while to truly understand this and to believe it completely, but once I did, my life completely changed. I no longer wish that others would just behave the way I want them to so that I can have the results I want in my life. I can now hold space for others and instead of judging them for the way they act, I have more ability to give them grace, understanding, and genuine curiosity. I can think and feel however I want about the actions of others. I am responsible for creating the results in my life that I want to have.

Thoughts are just sentences in our brains–did you know you generate over 40,000 thoughts every day??!! That is a lot of thinking! Most of us aren’t aware of even 1/3 of these. When we start paying attention to the things we are thinking, we can also start to notice the feelings that we are experiencing. Everything we feel is a result of a thought we are having. Everything.

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