How to Feel Your Feelings

Feelings are simply vibrations you have in your body.

Most of us do not pay attention to how our body feels when we experience an emotion though.

When we slow down and recognize what is happening in our body, it becomes less scary to feel.

Most of us try to hide from our emotions by ignoring them. But this doesn’t really work. We think if we busy ourselves with something, it will go away.

If we eat something, go shopping, or watch something, that feeling will just disappear and we will be free of the feeling in our body.

In reality, these just compound our problems.

We not only still have the emotion we are trying to avoid, but now we also have a stomach ache or extra weight on our body from consuming food we didn’t need; spent money we may not have had, or seen something that didn’t actually make us feel better that can not ever be unseen.

Next time you have an emotion you are uncomfortable with feeling, instead of trying to hide or cover it up. Stop and let yourself FEEL. Where is it in your body? Is it heavy or light? Does it have a color or shape? Is it sharp, rough, or smooth? Take a few deep breaths and just let your body feel.

Allowing yourself this exercise allows your body the ability to process the emotion and then LET. IT. GO.

Try it out for yourself.

If you found this helpful or want to learn more, join me at my next workshop!

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